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Comparison of solid wood door and paint door

  • Release on :2017-09-20
Consumers in the purchase of wooden doors (China one stop building materials supplier), listen to the most solid wood doors, paint doors. But wood doors and doors is the same as you, what is the difference between the solid wood doors and doors, many Yanan consumers do not know, now nature will give you about the doors between solid wood doors and doors of the difference.

Solid wood doors (China solid wooden door supplier) and paint doors are small gaps in workmanship, the biggest difference is on the use of door panels.

The wood door is used in natural wood after cutting, planing, drilling, tenoning, high-speed milling process forms such as science produced. With good sound absorption, sound insulation effect is good. Besides, the wooden door made of the utility model has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, and no crack.

And painted wooden door (China wood door supplier) is through drying room heating drying, often used paint, piano baking paint and metal paint two. The baking paint doors bright color, with a strong visual impact, panels smooth, moisture-proof, fire, and more clean. But consumers need to pay attention to this point, when you can't tell the quality of paint, if the merchant claimed to be used in high-grade paint, but the price is low, you can certainly use high-grade green paint is almost impossible. Painted wooden door there is a drawback, that is vulnerable to soot erosion, resulting in the color of the wooden door surface gradually disappeared, serious color will change.