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You need to know about wallpaper.

  • Release on :2017-06-13
With the diversification of the decoration, many families have chosen to put up wallpaper at home, so that the family more colorful, more beautiful.

Wallpaper health index is higher: latex paint mainly by water, base material (emulsion), pigments, fillers, additives four parts. Many components are exposed to air for long periods of time and produce harmful chemicals, and latex paint releases formaldehyde gas. Wallpaper generally consists of three parts, paper and ink are two parts, and the other depends on the classification of wallpaper materials. From the composition point of view, wallpaper harmful to the human body is much lower than latex paint.

Wallpaper color is pure: when we choose metope painting, in the wall paint palette, will inevitably appear small color difference, brush to metope color often with their original idea is not completely consistent. The wallpaper color is always pure, because wallpaper from buy to paste to the wall will not change color, do not worry about chromatic aberration!

Wallpaper can create an atmosphere: buy your favorite wallpaper, and interior decoration style coordination, you can well highlight the overall effect of the room and a warm home atmosphere.Wallpaper long servicee life: the use of advanced production wallpaper, its better material, longer service life.

The construction speed is quick and clean Wallpaper: wall paint will inevitably leave some dirt, but it is difficult to remove, but the wallpaper paste, if the glue accidentally overflowed into the baseboard or window frame, generally we use the wet cloth or sponge can quickly clean,
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