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Look! How to choose a wooden door has so much knowledge!

  • Release on:2017-05-15
Wooden doors in the design of the place where there are few changes, but the wooden door on the election, there will be a excellent feeling. On the contrary, there will be inconsistent impressions. Are you still upset about how to choose a wooden door? Look down!

Wooden style with each space to be equipped with style, the style of the door must be and home design style match, or easy to make space style disorder, affecting the quality of life. Of course, we also suggest that the whole style of home is unity.

Wooden doors also need to match the walls or wallpaper colors. Choose with the walls or wallpaper color is close to or contrast the strong wooden doors can achieve better results. The color is similar to look more harmonious, more warm; strong contrast can play a very good decorative effect.

When choosing a wooden door, you also need to refer to the space of the floor, doors and windows, cabinets and other furniture colors, each space should not be too much color, the harmony of similar tones, relatively safe.

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