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Which is cheaper, flooring or tile?

  • Release on :2017-06-28
Decoration is a major event, each owner attaches great importance to, on the one hand, in order to satisfactory results, on the other hand also want to save money. To say that saving money is nothing more than the choice of building materials, there are different prices, such as floor (home renovation supplier) and tile, which to choose more economical, you calculated it?

When visiting building materials market, it is worthwhile to sell laminate flooring. The sales staff also calculate a bill: mid-range laminate flooring prices at around 100 yuan per square meter, and the same grade tiles per square meter price in 80 yuan, plus the laying of artificial and material cost 30-40 yuan per square metre, so doing floor tile than to save money, and construction time is short, the effect is good.

After you've done the calculation, you'll find that the floor (home renovation supplier) doesn't save as much as you think. Because each floor floor of the room has produced more than 20 yuan per square meter ground leveling costs.

The decoration of the time to consider a little money, so the sliding doors and select a small brand products, at first with the feeling can be, and later in the bedroom balcony with two sliding door, this election is a big brand products. The comparison is not the same feeling: the first two sliding handle is not the same, small brands feel relatively loose; followed by a small brand door in the push and pull is strong and easy to track from the door after the collision, and the big brand door should be set up to protect the structure, no matter so much the force is not derailed the door; a small brand in the use of time is not so fit, but also to adjust the height of the pulleys; while the big brand door consistent from beginning to end.

Consumers do not patronize the selection of door styles and materials while ignoring the quality and function of hardware, in fact, a sliding door pulley, rail and other hardware still has some "technical content", which is the focus of purchase.

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