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Forget the troubles of the sofa to sit

  • Release on :2017-08-30
The sofa bed in effect is equivalent to some degree, busy home one day, not immediately went to the bedroom and lie down for a while, more comfortable lying on the soft sofa (China external siding supplier) to take a nap, remove the trouble that day, so how to buy the sofa. 

1, sofa frame quality
The two hands will shake the whole sofa (home renovation supplier) back and forth, left and right, shake, flash, and if the feeling is better, indicating that the framework is firm. Uncover the base cloth to see, if no rot, no insects, no scar, no bark or wood wool smooth hard wood production, and materials and materials of the connection is not a nail, but with a notch or export each bite, and then glue, it shows that the framework of quality ok. 

2, cloth sofa, see cloth bag
Cloth fabric is tightly affixed to the internal filler, whether smooth crisp, especially the two armrest and back seat, where the transition to be natural, no broken fold. Finally sit down and try, and feel the seat, the back of the tilt, or the back seat, whether the arc with the waist, back, hip and leg bending four parts of the appropriate anastomosis; sit feeling is comfortable, standing freely. Stand up and then look at the hips, back and armrests office fabrics have obvious relaxation and long restoration can not change. 

3, sofa interior quality
The high-grade sofa (China sofa supplier) seat and the back bottom of the nylon belt and snake spring cross network series structure, above the high elastic foam, layered matting Penjiaomian and light body foam. The cushion has good rebound and comfortable sitting position. U sofa more pressure to plastic fiber board seat and the back bed, above layered medium density foam and penjiaomian. The cushion has a hard seat feeling and a little rebound elasticity.