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Sofa hot problems big solution

  • Release on :2017-09-19
My sofa is collapsing!
Why do some sofas (China one stop building materials supplier) feel a sense of collapse after sitting for a long time? This is when choosing, without noticing some details. First of all, you have to check the resilience of the sofa - let the body be free fall, sitting on the sofa, the body was at least 2 times more than the sofa cushion, to ensure that the sofa is good flexibility.

Sofa is good, shake to know
The two hands will shake the whole sofa (China sofa supplier) back and forth, left and right, shake, flash, and if the feeling is better, indicating that the framework is firm. The condition permits, opened the seat bottom cloth angle view, if no rot, no insects, no scar, no bark or wood wool finish made from hardwood, and materials and materials of the connection is not a nail, but with a notch or mouth are mutually engaged, is a good sofa.
The leather sofa needs a touch of two touches
Buy leather sofa (China classic furniture supplier), leather to burnish, no scar, texture, texture delicate, live a upwards tug pinch with the finger tips, should handle flexible strong, after the nap can sit wrinkles disappear or not obvious, such fine leather leather. In addition, a good sofa is basically tasteless, and if there is a pungent flavor or smell of taste, this sofa is a problem.