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Would you choose this kind of leather sofa?

  • Release on :2017-06-30
City live so fast, work at home, want to have a comfortable leather sofa, enable the body to relax, or rest, watch TV and play computer or reading, all want to use a comfortable posture. Most people in modern times like leather sofas ( China classic furniture supplier) because they look very good. Some suggestions on choosing a leather sofa.

Whether the sofa ( China sofa supplier ) frame is firm or not is related to the service life and quality guarantee of the sofa. The concrete method is to lift one end of the three person's sofa, and notice that when the part is 10 centimeters away from the ground, the other leg is off the ground and only the other side is away from the ground.

Quality filled sofa. The specific method is to use the hand to the sofa armrest and backrest, if we can clearly notice that the existence, it is proved that this sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easily according to the wooden sofa sofa sets would accelerate wear, reduce the service life of sofa.

Check the resilience of the sofa ( China classic furniture supplier). The specific method is to allow the body to be free fall, sitting on the sofa, the body was at least more than 2 times the sofa cushion, to ensure that the sofa is good flexibility, and longer life.
Pay attention to sofa detail handling. Matching pillows opened the zipper, observe and touch with their hands inside the crinoline and filler; lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, surface treatment is smooth, leg bottom whether mat details. A good sofa keeps its quality in detail.

Hand feeling sofa surface, whether the stimulation of the skin, to observe the various parts of the overall fabric sofa color is uniform, the joint part is strong and smooth, the workmanship is fine.