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Everyone should know! Comfortable and beautiful stairs are important

  • Release on :2017-06-07
As an important part of the whole family, the staircase design should not only reasonable and appropriate, but also pay attention to the overall appearance, convenient Home Furnishing life, increase housing charm to a certain extent, design unreasonable, may bring trouble to the daily life.

The stairs of the comfort of the stairs on the premise of ensuring safety, the biggest function is to walk, according to the theory of ergonomics, in determining the slope of stairs, we must first consider the comfortable walking and climbing efficiency and three-dimensional state, the steeper the comfort is poor. In the same stair, the height and width of the step should be the same. There should be no irregular change, and it is necessary to make people walk comfortably. The overall width of the staircase to ensure smooth passage as the principle, guardrail height to meet the premise of the natural droop of hand to determine.

Design aesthetics, staircases should be based on customer rooms, the size of the entrance, the use of rooms and other factors, with the overall design of the room, with the color of the design. China staircase supplier and building materials supplier China may be able to help you.. On the premise of determining the design form of the main body, choose the staircase structure, pedal and stair guardrail which are suitable for the room. Thus, the whole harmony of the decoration can be achieved, and the final effect of beautifying the living room and using comfort can be achieved.