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There are many kinds of stairs, do you know?

  • Release on :2017-09-04
At present, many villas, penthouse apartment layout choice of housing, is generally double space, so in the decoration design process steps is very important to show, the stairs (China stair railing supplier) also become a key part of interior decoration, so there are several stairs?

1, broken staircase: the shape of the broken staircase is better, and will not occupy space, they are generally at the entrance and exit of the stairs more, walking rhythm is not like a straight staircase or spiral staircase so evenly.

2, straight staircase (China sprial staircase supplier): straight staircase will occupy a large area of available space, so in the choice of straight staircase must pay attention to, the room space must be very large, more appropriate design, straight staircase.

3, spiral staircase: many people do not know, in fact, the spiral staircase is a way to save space, especially the spiral staircase of 180 degrees, so at present there are more people using this kind of stairs. No matter whether the layout is narrow or broad, there are many choices. The spiral staircase is stable, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. In fact, there is a central column, spiral staircase can be chosen, such stairs occupy little space, so in limited space, this is a good choice.

4, loft stairs: loft stairs suitable for people who prefer a comfortable environment, looks chic, beautiful, you can also put some other things, in small space will not seem very obtrusive.

5, platform staircases: platform stairs (China stair supplier) for space occupation is relatively large, but by a lot of people love, this can play the role of space separation, but also can connect the two space. Notice that the slope should be the same and the step length should be the same when installing the platform stair.