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Planning the design of the stairs will helps save space of house

  • Release on :2017-04-18

  Stairs can take a large number of forms, combining winders and landings.

    The simplest form is the straight flight of stairs, with neither winders nor landings. It is not often[citation needed] used in modern homes because:

    the upstairs is directly visible from the bottom of a straight flight of stairs.
it is potentially more dangerous in that a fall is not interrupted until the bottom of the stairs.
a straight flight requires enough space for the entire run of the stairs.
Another form of straight staircase is the space saver staircase, also known as paddle stairs or alternating tread staircases, that can be used for a steeper rise, but these can only be used in certain circumstances and must comply with regulations.

    However, a basic straight flight of stairs is easier to design and construct than one with landings or winders. Although the rhythm of stepping is not interrupted in a straight run, which may offset the increased fall risk by helping to prevent a misstep in the first place, many stairs will require landings or winders to comply with safety standards in the Building Regulations.