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A small corner can be of great use!

  • Release on :2017-06-26
If the apartment layout type attic, double deck, or villas, there must be a lonely space under the stairs( China Home appliance supplier ), if there is no good planning, it is easy to become a dark corner. In fact, like under the stairs so ordinary small space, don't just waste debris, judge the position of stairs in the room, is near the gate or home is located in the center, or hidden space, respectively containing different plans, can create a storage function you can't imagine, a small space can also be the use of large!

Near the door of the space under the stairs(China staircase supplier

If stair is located in the vicinity of the door, the most suitable plan for the shoe or outside the locker, the general stair width about 60 cm, has become incorporated in the cabinet as depth, if the shoe cabinet, by pulling the way, can receive two times the number of shoes, through the pull action can be conveniently taken second pair of shoes.

Those close to the door beneath the stairs can be used as storage or shoe function.

In the vicinity of the center point or kitchen stairs

Home center staircase(China sprial staircase supplier), can be used as a storage cabinet to receive sundry, especially if near the kitchen, can plan for the electrical cabinet, such as household appliances and vacuum cleaners, usually placed in the storage room may not be easy to pick up, in the center of the space to space under a ladder to make good use of.