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How to choose the color of wooden doors

  • Release on :2017-11-20
 As the wooden doors(China wooden door supplier) belong to the bedroom facade functional jewelry, in general: wooden doors with home furniture, wall paint, window coverings relatively large dumb mouth. The connection to the floor is relatively small.
When the living room environment is warm, the relative wooden doors can choose a warmer color, such as: Aster, cherry, teak, sand Billy and so on. When the living room environment is a cold tone, the corresponding should choose a lighter wooden door, such as mixed white, birch and so on.
Wooden doors( China wooden door factory) should be relatively close with the color of the furniture, students should try to keep the same set of dumb (now a lot of sets of doors with a matching window cover dumb, skirting, angle line), with the corresponding color contrast wall. Such as: mixed with white oil door is best to paint the wall with color. This will make the room a sense of hierarchy, not too "flat" will make the room feel particularly fresh. 
The color of the ground with the coordination of wooden doors(China Home appliance supplier) to maintain the same color (such as cold, warm), but it is best not to be consistent. To prevent the same chaos on the ground with the wall to reduce the sense of room space. 
Large, or sunny room, you can choose darker black walnut, can create a more stable atmosphere of the color itself is beautiful, there is no right. All with the coordination, if you really can not get the idea, choose white, white is the most error-free color!