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What are the raw materials for making wooden doors

  • Release on :2018-01-05
What are the raw materials for the production of wooden doors(China wooden door supplier), choose a lot of friends to decorate the wooden doors, the production of wooden doors are also many raw materials, the choice of what kind of raw materials do the wooden door is better? For this topic for everyone to be an introduction so that we have a correct life Cognition.

First, pine (Pinus massoniana, Pinus sylvestris), due to the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, solid wood doors(China wooden door factory) began to gradually increase, of which pine wood doors accounted for a large part, especially children's solid wood doors are mostly pine. Pine solid wood doors are mainly two kinds of timber, one is masson pine, one is Pinus sylvestris, Pinus sylvestris mainly in the decoration is an important raw material for man-made fiber board. Strong pine material, texture is relatively clear, better wood, relative to the fir, Pinus sylvestris wood will be more beautiful, wood scars are relatively small.

Second, ash, decorative panels with the largest proportion is the ash panel, the reason why the use of such panels, and its characteristics are inseparable, ash ash scientific name ash, belonging to the genus Oleaceae Of a wood, the main origin for China's northeast, north China, Russia and other places, the greatest advantage of ash lies in its texture, clear and beautiful lines Ash.

Third, the oak (white oak, red oak), oak is also a favorite of all kinds of decorative wood, oak is commonly known as the real name of oak called oak, belonging to the Fagaceae, Quercus, red oak is called kenaf , White oak called white quercus, in fact red oak is not a real red, but some of the wood yellowish pink, white oak is not white, but light yellow, which caused the red rubber white rubber color is not the difference between Very large, oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant texture and elegant color.

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