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Quick and reasonable wooden door trilogy

  • Release on :2017-12-22
There are many online articles on the purchase and maintenance of solid wood doors(China wooden door manufacturer), but there are still many consumers in the purchase of solid wood doors need a lot of time tube rub did not notice the results lead to a variety of dissatisfaction after the installation of wooden doors today Xiaobian In the secondary long-winded several teach you some more practical way to buy solid wood doors, this finishing to share for everyone.

First look at the appearance of the door to see, First, look at the appearance of style, whether and your home's decoration style match. Second, if your family's style is traditional Chinese style, then you are fit to buy square solid wood door or affordable solid wood flat door, composite wood door, the door surface is smooth, shallow shallow depth, rich decorative effect. Three, if your home is Western style, that is, European style, then you may be suitable for solid wood craft modeling, such as a flat block shape or carved solid wood doors.

Next Look at the material, first of all you have to determine the next is not really solid wood door(build new house solution), this time you can weigh the weight, gently tap the surface of the various parts of the facade, remember not to buy stuffed solid wood doors, Note that the door material is solid wood or composite solid wood or other, door frame, door line, whether the fan-shaped door. Second there are wooden doors of raw materials, the future will be permanently deformed, of course, this and your maintenance is also inextricably linked, on the raw materials you can go online to access the information. Three should be used degreasing, drying of wood, instead of using natural air-dried material, because the biggest drawback of air-dried material is easy to deform.

Finally, the problem of cost control, if the cost is not enough, you can choose solid wood flat door, composite wood doors, such doors simple, consistent color, durable, easy to clean and so on, and the price is moderate. The cost of wooden doors in the total investment in the renovation ratio is generally 5% -8%. 

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