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Decoration should pay attention to the point.

  • Release on :2018-01-16
In the home decoration, usually the most attention to the decoration of the living room, but the most troublesome is the kitchen! In fact, the problem comes from your contempt! Today, we most likely problems, but also the most easy to regret the list out, ready to decorate friends, we must seriously read.
First, choose cabinets. If the cabinet count furniture, kitchen cabinets and then re-election cabinets, you will regret it! But now the decoration company may also tell you in advance, when you should choose cabinets! Correct process should be before renovating cabinets a good amount of space, keep the pipeline position, such as the decoration is good, the cabinet can immediately play!
Second, do not think the bigger the cabinet area the better. The storage of cabinets is a lot of people fancy, but we need is a reasonable admission, only to give you a cupboard, it is reasonable admission? Look at the Japanese kitchen storage, each kind of items can be divided into different categories of collection, it seems clear at a glance, it is naturally not hard to pick up. The kitchen is best made of drawers short drawer, push and pull to facilitate the pick and place, the visual is better; hanging cabinet is generally made of 30 to 40 cm wide multi-grid; the hanging cabinet of the swing open the door to lift or shift Door; increase the hydraulic hinge; table and cabinet between the small space for display kitchen utensils; low storage space using drawer or pull-type door.
These seem small details, but this has a significant impact on kitchen life. Excessive cabinets not only take up some of the area of ​​activity, but also make the kitchen seem heavy depression.