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Different sofa cleaning tips(part 2)

  • Release on :2017-12-29
How to clean leather sofa?

1, clean the leather sofa(China leather sofa supplier), you can also nourish the leather sofa to fight it again.

2, you can use a professional foam cleaner dipped in wet towel, and then thoroughly rub the leather sofa again, and then slightly damp clean towels rub several times, until wipe clean. Note that the pH of the detergent is best PH5-7, spray cleaner, you can not spray too much wet. 

3, leather sofa is best placed in a ventilated place, in order to extend life expectancy, to avoid children jumping on the sofa. 

4, leather sofa to avoid scratching, grease. If you accidentally get oily, clean it with detergent. 

5, if you find the leather sofa sticky gum, you can use the ice bag cooling, and then gently wipe silk cloth.

6, daily care wipe directly with a wet towel. 2-3 months with a leather cleaner to clean, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck the surface dust. 

7, if found ballpoint pen or ink traces, you can use a soft eraser to clean. In order to prevent fading, you can stain the water at the stains. But no alcohol or corrosive chemical solvents. 

How to clean cloth sofa?

1, cloth sofa (China modern sofa supplier)about a year, you can use detergent. When using detergent to clean the detergent 
thoroughly, otherwise it is more likely to stained with stains. 

2, cloth sofa should be regularly cleaned, cleaned once a week. In the dust management, cloth sofa armrest back place will breed a lot of dust, then you can use a vacuum cleaner or a towel to remove. Wash with a towel, be sure to screw dry water, not too wet. 

3, cloth sofa cleaning also maintenance. Sofa cushions can be flipped to wear evenly.

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