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Do a good job on the moistureproof maintenance of solid wood doors

  • Release on :2018-02-02
In the south, the humidity in the air is relatively large, and it often rains. People who have wooden furniture products in their home are especially afraid of being eroded by moisture at home. In such an environment, we must make good use of moisture-proof maintenance of solid wood doors. Extend the life of solid wood doors.

1, to maintain the internal dryness of the wooden door
The most important thing is to keep the interior solid wood door dry, do not let water vapor into the internal structure of solid wood doors inside, so the damage to the wooden door is very large. Weekdays to promptly wipe off the surface of solid wood door drops, solid wood doors to keep the surface dry.

Solid wood doors in the removal of stains, if you need to use liquid wipe should try to use water or neutral care solution to clean, just wipe with a soft cloth, a small amount of liquid can be wiped, or it will be dipping the surface finish material so that solid wood door surface decoration Surface material discoloration or peeling, will affect the product appearance.

2, do not use soapy water, detergent or clean water, such as cleaning solid wood doors in Dongguan
Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean the solid wood doors, or hard to rub, it will damage the solid wood door surface, if water infiltrated into the pre-because the board has not yet completely volatilized additive has been completed, , But once the additives have evaporated, the dampness of the damp cloth can cause moldy solid wood doors.
You can also use the following methods to absorb moisture:
1, air conditioning, dehumidification: In the space is not particularly large room, close the doors and windows, the effect of their dehumidification is still more obvious, air conditioning dehumidification on the premise that the cooling temperature must be lower than room temperature is effective.
2, intermittent ventilation: the afternoon is the best time, rainy days to the South or Southeast doors and windows closed to reduce water vapor into the room. Noon, the outside air humidity at the highest value, should not open the window, should be in the afternoon or evening, when the climate is relatively dry, open the window to regulate indoor air.
3, lime moisture absorption: rainy days can be used cloth or sack wrapped quicklime placed in the indoor everywhere, so that the indoor air to keep dry.
4, moisture box: the market more common absorbent products, generally calcium chloride particles as the main content, most also added flavor ingredients, so set dehumidification, fragrance, mildew, deodorant and other functions in one.

To achieve the above points, even if the weather in the south and then heavy, are not afraid of home solid wood doors will be eroded, their own solid wood doors will not be any problems, of course, all of us in the mood Shuangwanyai.