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Eight aspects of the kitchen design points.

  • Release on :2018-01-12
There are some strange shape of the house leading to twists and turns of the kitchen, it is recommended that you can look at the following irregular kitchen design, especially the first paragraph really nice and very useful. Kitchen doors open in the middle of the kitchen, it is recommended that this aisle-type kitchen can be designed into a two-word layout. This layout is not only reasonable, and the space utilization is extremely high. For a family, the kitchen design is absolutely essential. How to clean up the little kitchen neat, how decoration is more practical? Come and see it.
General rectangular kitchen is more suitable for the design of L-type cabinets, not only the space utilization soared, but also allow room for owners to adapt to a variety of kitchen appliances, enhance the compatibility of the kitchen. Kitchen area is larger, and the square appears, it is recommended to design the kitchen U-shaped, so that not only can accommodate more appliances, kitchen utensils, etc., a few people at the same time cooking will not feel very crowded. If the kitchen is a small, narrow area, it is advisable to use a flat layout. You can set aside a refrigerator in the corner the size of the refrigerator and cabinet integration. Worried about the storage performance is weak, you can do more wall cabinet oh. Here to summarize eight aspects of the kitchen design points:
Cabinets do not use a single, light-colored countertops, it is easy to dirty and soiled stains;

The height of the cabinet must be based on the height of the owner who often cook to design, too high or too low will be very tired;

Must have an open shelf, not all things are placed in the closet only convenient;

Cabinets have enough space for the operation, used a small table, do not mention more uncomfortable;
Cutting board not far from the stove, kitchen cabinets must be at your own hand;

Must not set the outlet near the stove fire, a reasonable outlet distribution should be washing area (dishwasher), cutting area (rice cooker), heating zone (microwave oven) are distributed, and according to their frequency of use appropriate to increase the outlet;

Large single basin much more useful than the double basin, so when you use a large single-basin brush pot when you know it's okay;If you are interested, welcome to learn more.