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Wall paint latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?

  • Release on :2017-06-02
In the new house decoration, generally have a variety of options, and now home decoration, people are not satisfied with the general simple white walls, and now the basic popular wall decoration there are two, one is latex paint, one is posted wallpaper , Then, which of the two which is good, which is more suitable for us. For the wall, the latex paint, wallpaper has a decorative and protective effect. The two are evenly matched, comparable. Wallpaper pattern, texture texture are significantly more than the latex paint, which, the latex paint is unable to compete with the wallpaper.Just like the wallpaper of Home improvement supplier or China building materials factory.Wallpaper attached to the wall, can give a sense of three-dimensional, so that this is the latex paint can not compare.

In fact, the real wall of the role of a substantial protection is putty or anti-crack. But relative to the wallpaper, latex paint on the putty layer has a direct protective effect, and wallpaper does not have this feature.

If the wallpaper directly in the putty construction stickers may lead to wallpaper cracking, the correct construction should be put on a putty in the basement membrane, in order to ensure the quality of wallpaper posted. Like pure color, simple, like gorgeous noble, or the pursuit of warm and suitable for use wallpaper. Wallpaper color is generally warm color, so the home wall wallpaper, then, can give a warm feeling.