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How to choose bathroom door price for toilet door

  • Release on :2017-10-24
Choose the door is also exquisite, bedroom door (Home improvement supplier) and bathroom door is not exactly the same. Bathroom because of relatively humid, ventilation is not very good, therefore, we choose when you need to choose according to the characteristics of space. 

It is not realistic to choose the door of the wooden door first.

Solid wood door (China classic furniture supplier) is generally very expensive, affordable, and TX are multi-purpose solid wood composite door, which is part of the solid wood door. The market for solid wood composite door manufacturers are many, ranging in price from 800-2000 or even 3000 yuan, how to be able to choose the high quality and inexpensive doors? My experience is the first to Diandian wooden components, is to see how the quality of the door core. General store door manufacturers have cross section of wooden doors, wooden doors must be weighed it how to choose the kind of component, the door core is a middle space less, door components are relatively heavy, usually a door about 40 kilograms or so, it is a heavy sense of wooden doors. In addition, the wooden door is best equipped with 3 hinges, because the door is always open and close, and the 3 hinge is bigger than the 2 hinges, more solid.

The door is durable but also.

Now many manufacturers to re price, the general is density board door (China solid wooden door supplier). Density board door is wood crushing after a high temperature and high pressure molding, has the advantages of surface roughness, but the disadvantages are also obvious, the nail holding ability is relatively poor, prone to loose screws, screw back and forth will be sawdust. A long time, there will be some individual leaf sink, scraping the ground, some doors need to lift up to close.