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Cabinet accessories how to select, receive the best effect?

  • Release on :2017-10-12
Modern family kitchen design, admission, people tend to choose to use cabinets (Home improvement supplier), of course, no matter what kind of home decoration, need their own good use, so as to solve the kitchen storage problems. Usually in order to facilitate the cabinet admission, usually add some cabinet accessories. So, how to choose suitable for their families to use cabinets, Suzhou decoration network is the main content of popular science today.

Stainless steel seasoning rack
Similarly, the stainless steel shelf in the model room also looks good, not the probability of configuring the list is greater than 80%. At home, the seasoning is placed directly on the table. It is more convenient to take it directly when you need it. When you don't use it, it will be put away and it looks neat.

Stainless steel pan pad
The table beside the gas stove part of the whole cabinet (China furniture supplier) stainless steel pot pad will have a few bars built, this effect is not actually pad a pad, looks beautiful and fashion, just boil the food can be a whole pot over, no end to the table, save time.

Pull the basket
The basket is equipped with every cabinet (best kitchen cabinet brands 2017), can provide a larger storage space, can be divided into three sides, the pullout basket basket, drawer pull basket, ultra narrow pull basket, basket, basket high angle etc.. Relatively high frequency of use, because it is made by the size of the cabinet, so the size of the cabinet must be accurate, but also because of this reason, once the basket is damaged, it can only be customized.