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How to design the staircase of compound building

  • Release on :2017-10-23
In the penthouse floor of the decoration, the stairs to the succession, with different materials, different shapes and different styles of stairs (Home improvement supplier) will affect the overall effect of the complex building, so that the penthouse floor decoration must be taken into account at the same time, the design of stair, stair handrail is critical, handrail design good or bad, is the priority among priorities for a staircase design quality. So, how to design the staircase of compound building?

Design of stairs gradient of compound building
In the staircase (China sprial staircase supplier) decoration design, the slope is also a problem to be considered. This should be calculated according to the actual situation. Comfortable stairs, the height of the stairs to 15cm is appropriate, if more than 18cm, climbing stairs will feel tired; step width is generally 27-30cm is appropriate.

Design of stair handrail of compound building
Armrest design is good or bad, is to evaluate the quality of a ladder design is the most important thing. In Home Furnishing decoration, indoor handrail design is the most taboo with stainless steel or other metal silver surface. If you really want to use stainless steel, it's recommended to use dumb stainless steel. According to my experience, the most ideal material to make the stairs (build new house solution) is to use calcined steel, followed by cast iron, wood again, porcelain again.

The most ideal armrest material is wood, followed by stone. Building level design, often in the building has been stereotyped. But a lot of owners are dismantling and reloading. In any case, if you want to redesign, the ideal material is to use cement concrete, and then down is the steel structure, and down is the wood. From this point of view, it is necessary to make the stairs as little as possible sound when pedestrians.