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How to maintain the wooden door in summer?

  • Release on :2017-06-20
Generally speaking, in the summer, the weather can be very hot, or it will appear very humid during rainy days. Therefore, in the summer decoration, not only need to carefully choose the right wooden door ( building materials manufacturer China ) and doors and windows, but also need to strengthen the maintenance, in order to lengthen the service life of wooden doors.

In summer, do not use wet hand to open the door, or the corrosive solvent splashed doors and lock the door. Do not force the door lock or turn the handle of the door lock too vigorously. Hinges, locks and other regular hardware fittings, when loosening occurs, should be tightened immediately. When the door lock is not opened, a proper amount of pencil core and other lubricating substances can be added into the key hole for lubrication.

Remove wood ( Home improvement supplier ) surface stains, can be used wet breathe, wipe with a soft cloth. Hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, stains are too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, after decontamination, immediately wipe clean.

Wooden doors and corners do not often rub, so as not to cause edges and corners of the surface materials fade damage. When cleaning the dust on the wooden door, no soft cotton cloth is used, and the vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning. In order to maintain the surface of the wooden door( China wooden door factory ) and its service life, cleaning and dust removal should be carried out regularly, and the surface of the wooden decoration product can be maintained by special maintenance liquid.