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How to choose modern style sofa

  • Release on :2017-11-01

Sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room, and the sofa of modern simple style is gradually popular, and it is very popular. Today we will talk about how to buy modern minimalist style sofa(Home improvement supplier), hoping to help you.

How to choose modern style sofa
The filling material quality, also affects the service life of sofa. The concrete inspection method is to use the hand to the sofa (China external siding supplier) armrest and backrest, if can clearly notice that the existence of the sofa is the density of the filling material is not high, flexibility is not good enough, will accelerate the wear of sofa sets, reduce the service life of sofa.

Checking the resilience of cloth sofa
Sofa back stretch, also the relationship between the service life of sofa (China Home appliance supplier). The specific inspection method is to let the body fall freely on the sofa, the body at least by sofa cushion bounce more than 2 times, in order to show the sofa flexibility is very good.

Check the sofa surface, to see whether there is irritation to the skin
The surface of the sofa, whether has the stimulation of the skin. The specific inspection method is to feel the sofa surface with hand, observe the whole sofa fabric color is uniform, each seam part is firm and smooth, and whether the work is fine.