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How to clean and maintain the wood in life?

  • Release on :2018-01-30
Because the wood closest to the natural texture and variety of decorative effects, many people choose to decorate the bedroom door, then how to clean and maintain the daily life of wooden doors?
1, spring, autumn and winter, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor humidity, so that the wooden doors at normal room temperature and humidity, to prevent wooden doors due to humidity, temperature difference is too large and deformed, cracks, corrosion of metal parts, edge , Wood veneer material off. 2, do not often open the door with water stains or other solutions to prevent discoloration. Do not apply excessive force when opening the door or turning the door handle, resulting in reduced service life of the door lock. Hinges, locks and other regular activities of the hardware accessories, loosened immediately tighten. When the wooden door lock is not open, you can add the appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole.
3, winter indoor temperature can not be too high (maintained at about 20 degrees is appropriate), in the use of electric heating or other heating equipment, away from the wooden door, so as not to heat deformation. 4, whitewashed walls, wooden doors to cover, so as not to paint the surface of the product, so that the decorative materials stripping, fading, affecting the overall appearance. 

5, the edges of the wooden doors do not often rub, so as not to cause edges and corners decorative materials fade damage.6, remove the stains on the surface of wooden doors (such as fingerprints), you can use moisture after wet, wipe with a soft cloth, hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, stains can be used when neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture Special cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean.
7, in order to maintain the wooden door surface gloss and service life, should be regularly cleaned, dust, wood products can be used for maintenance of the maintenance of its surface.