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How to maintain solid wood stairs, solid wood stairs Guide

  • Release on :2017-11-06
Now most of the people in the family will use the stairs, there are a variety of materials at present on the market, such as wood, this material feels very atmosphere, decoration is also very strong, but in the face of how we care for wood stairs ( building materials manufacturer China)?

1, step board, handrails and other parts often contact with other parts of life will be shorter, so it is necessary to regularly on special wax or floor wax protection. In addition, although some of the treads on the surface of the paint is light cured wear-resistant paint, but "wear-resistant" is relatively speaking, in terms of its own, also has a certain service life. In order to avoid local severe wear after a period of time, a carpet can be laid on the central steps of the stair gallery.

2, prevent moth eaten. When installing stairs (China stair supplier), you can sprinkle some insect proof agent on the cement step beforehand, and then keep the stairs dry, never damp.

3, solid wood staircase (China furniture factory) damp, wooden components easy deformation, cracking, paint will fall off. Stainless steel staircase also has wooden components, stainless steel and damp will rust, so the staircase daily life clean cut don't need a lot of water scrub, can be sprayed on the surface of detergent, and then use soft cloth scrub.