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How to maintain the wooden door?

  • Release on :2018-01-18
When we organize our own homes, we pay close attention to the cleanliness of each place, maintain the appliances very well, and treat the floor hygiene in the house very seriously. However, few people pay attention to their own doors and often neglect them. The wooden door slowly become obsolete, I said today is the problem.
First, the wooden door maintenance must have a good habit, first of all, when we use the door to light open, light off, so that wooden doors can not be damaged, because the wooden door and the general metal door is not the same, the door with excessive force Slow buckle will be distorted, resulting in damage to the wooden door.
Second, the wooden doors must be careful not to collide, especially in many of our families, who will inevitably bump into the wooden doors during games and playmaking, so the wooden doors will be scratched, making the scratches more difficult to repair and Even if the repair, then the overall wooden door will not look good.Third, the wooden door usually pay more attention to use, we are not at home for some time, back and forth the best back and forth several times the switch, so that wooden doors can be a certain activity, so that the screws and wooden doors of metal can be obtained Run in, to avoid a long time, switch the door creak sound.
Fourth, some families use the sliding door, sometimes such a wooden door when the push-pull Caton situation, this situation is actually a sliding door to loosen the screws, as long as we push the door to tighten the screws Can solve this problem. Fifth, push and pull the maintenance of wooden doors, but also need to pay attention to the bayonet, in general, push and pull the bayonet door to be cleaned often, because these places are the most prone to dirt accumulation place, so be careful when cleaning up, the other push and pull The groove should also be promptly cleaned.

Sixth, the wooden door itself also need to be cleaned often, because the wooden door if there is dust, it is easy to corrosion of the wooden door, a long time, there will be decay of the wooden door, so timely cleaning of wooden doors dust, the best monthly Completely wipe once. Seventh, the wooden door when the three-quarter season to pay special attention to the northern part of the place to prevent dry, winter time to often wipe the wooden door to avoid cracking the door, damp South to moisture, wooden door to timely oil, protect the wooden door Must start from bit by bit.