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How to perfectly match the wallpaper with other furniture

  • Release on :2017-11-30
When there is no other furniture in the room, only the walls and the floor, so the wallpaper and the floor with me on the first talk. There are two major wallpaper and floor with the principle:

1. Avoid top-heavy principle

Wallpaper(Home improvement supplier china) color lighter than the floor a little better. Friends like white wallpaper, the proposed use of gray or smoky floor. Many families now prefer the use of partial white light-colored wallpaper, hoping to have a quiet home atmosphere. It is recommended to use a lighter color floor such as a gray color system to more easily create a tranquil atmosphere and to not create a "top-heavy" wall with a light-colored floor.

But do not differ too much in color. Dark brown floors(CBMMART building materials manufacturer) should be box-beige, and some heads are willing to match the white walls with the dark-brown floor, which makes the floor appear dark and the space becomes depressed. If you choose the same brown color of box-beige, wall and floor color is relatively easy to access, the space will appear large. 

2.Adjacent color principle

Yellow floor should be adjacent to the color of the wall, and some families like to use a slightly yellow floor, the walls use the "adjacent color" of the law, you can choose yellow and yellow adjacent to the yellow or light yellow, so you can create a Very warm atmosphere.

Not all similar colors can use this principle. Red brown floor should be equipped with ivory, dark tones strong appeal and expressive floor, distinctive personality characteristics, such as the red color of the floor with the floor itself gives a strong feeling, if the wallpaper is also rich in color, it will appear Not harmonious.

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