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Interior wood door purchase guide

  • Release on :2017-11-02
Indoor door (home renovation supplier) in the home not only can separate every room, protect personal privacy, at the same time is a kind of facade decoration materials, is a special scenery in home. When choosing interior doors, not only pay attention to their appearance, also need to pay attention to the quality.

First, good wood door to buy paint
1 see, touch, fullness of film, this should compare a few times and you will see. The paint film is full, indicating the quality of paint is good, the polymerization force is strong, and the wood is closed well. At the same time, the painting process is perfect, and there is no suspicion of Jerry building;

2, standing on the side of the door to find the corner of the corner, to see whether the surface of the film is smooth, orange peel phenomenon is obvious, there are no protrusions of fine particles. If the orange peel phenomenon is quite obvious, that the film curing process does not pass;

3, fancy molding doors (China wooden door supplier), to see the edge of the molding line, especially the negative angle (that is, see but can not touch the corner), there is no film cracking phenomenon.

Type 4, ask the paint, the basic answer is PU (polyurethane paint paint), we note that the advantages of PU paint is easy grinding process, saving time and labor, the disadvantage is the soft film, a slight bump prone to white dent. If the paint layer has at least one layer of PE paint, will greatly reduce the possibility. PE paint (polyester paint) has the advantages of hard film, strong hiding power, good transparency, better performance of wood texture, the disadvantage is difficult to polish, the processing process is time-consuming and laborious, most manufacturers are reluctant to use PE coating. China wooden door factory