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Jingdong push mahogany furniture warranty policy

  • Release on :2018-01-29
Mahogany furniture, solemn and elegant appearance, material stress, the structure of rigorous, fine workmanship, both with high practical value, but also has the potential to preserve and increase the value of the collection, by consumers. In order to fully meet the consumer demand for boutique mahogany furniture, Jingdong mahogany furniture category inviting settled. Invited to enter the business must be designated by the agency's product testing before they can be settled; settled, Jingdong will also be on the sale of products in the business sampling, through strict access mechanism, from the source of product quality checks.
In order to further optimize the quality consumer experience of mahogany furniture, Jingdong launched the "one product one license" and "mahogany repurchase" policy in the industry. "One product one card" every product within the zone through the third-party authority mahogany quality inspection agencies and with quality inspection reports; "mahogany repurchase" area of ​​goods according to the repurchase rules, according to consumers in the purchase of furniture When the actual payment of the price, by the business repurchase. In addition, all mahogany furniture products on the platform are fake a lose five, free delivery and three years warranty service. From the business settled to product sampling and after-sales service, Jingdong mahogany furniture category with quality assurance measures to establish the industry benchmark, will further promote mahogany furniture industry product quality upgrades.
It is reported that, as the first impression of Hiroo Wood and reached a mahogany furniture quality cooperation one of the brands, take the lead in the full implementation of Jingdong mahogany furniture quality assurance policy. Hongmu impression mahogany furniture Jingdong flagship store "one product one card" area, all the products have passed the third-party quality inspection authority mahogany quality inspection agencies. In the future, Jingdong will also provide high-quality mahogany furniture to consumers by opening mahogany furniture pavilions to aggregate more premium mahogany furniture brands and products.
Jingdong Mahogany furniture quality assurance policy introduced to consumers buy mahogany furniture products provide a convenience. The image of Hiroki Yuanyuguang Jingdong to carry out close cooperation in quality assurance and jointly promote mahogany furniture industry product quality improvement and consumption upgrade.