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Kitchen decoration common errors.

  • Release on :2018-02-01
When the decoration of the light to pay attention to the budget and style, and for some of the avoidance of knowledges, leaving some big mistakes, especially the hood, the equivalent of not installed, it is too angry, we can never be avoided.
1, the location of the stove: stove Do not point the window, or when the window can not hit the fire, but also worried about gas leaks, too scary. There is no socket near the stove, my house did not pay attention in the stove near the installed a socket, and now every day cooking are scary, worried about the hot roasted socket, leakage fire.

2, cabinets do not make a uniform height, stove to be slightly lower, cooking without arm, console to be slightly higher, do not bend over the cut vegetables. My family are highly unified, after the meal back pain, not to mention tired.
3, embedded kitchen appliances: If you want to home embedded cabinets, we must choose the pre-cooling appliances! Otherwise, high temperature will damage the cabinets, but also not good for electrical appliances. The best in the cabinet wall paste foil, protect the plate.

4, do not hide the trash: my home school, the trash hidden in the cabinet, the result did not take long to find that this is a bad idea! The kitchen looks really clean and tidy, but the taste inside the closet does not smell good, but always worried about bacterial contamination, advise you to honestly put the trash can outside it.
5, gas stove near the public flue, it will shorten the length of the exhaust pipe. Sinks should also be as close as possible to the drain, which can greatly reduce the chances of blockage of the plumbing. The best recommended sink drain made of "S" shape, can prevent odor.

6, European-style range hood look impractical, fume-absorbing effect is far less than Chinese, a cooking kitchen full of fumes, a few days you need to rub again, too tired. Do not know when you are in the decoration of the kitchen have not encountered any problems?