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Knowledge of the decoration of the kitchen.

  • Release on :2018-01-26
When decorating the kitchen, only consider the width of the refrigerator, but forgot the thickness of the refrigerator, forget the bottom of the refrigerator there is a piece of metal, only the thickness of the above, the result was poor 5 cm, Not enough, the refrigerator to figure out a piece, but near the door, I do not know should not change a refrigerator.
Cabinets did not do drawers, that pull blue is a panacea. Drainage problems consider the lack of time, leading to the dishwasher installed 3 times, is still in the war shock.

Kitchen water bucket too middle position, the first pipe cloth, set the tap position can not move the leading position, should be clear from the beginning and decoration team.
Zaozao and disinfection cabinet only in the cabinet to open the countertops and the design of the cabinet to use, because the stove to be in accordance with the size of the countertops, this is the last thing.Determination cabinet to a little earlier, cabinet retest time to get the size Or else the cabinet can not be further designed.If you are a decoration company to do the cabinets, you can put your optimistic about the size of the sterilizer to them.Now, even if you bought it, but also the size over there. If you cut prices you regret it.
Kitchen cabinets plus more layers of partitions, yes. My door with LG Platinum point fire board, the effect is good, but if the decoration may be made to consider the finished door. Handmade door is not refined, for reference only. Man-made stone countertops do not be cheap, messy management of bargains, a lot of goods on the board Seriously serious. At the counter can not see these problems But to the factory to see the truth, I traveled throughout the city processing plant I collected a box of various brand samples, and finally use the expensive "Monterey." Is not the best do not know, just know that considering the price, quality I can afford.

Man-made stone countertops perforated location to draw their own be assured, especially the audience pots. My countertops are narrow, pots and big workers say I can not fit, but in my own personal planning, the perfect installation has been completed from the location of the openings to the supportive plan. Do not overly trust workers' wisdom.