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Living room sofa choose what kind of the most practical

  • Release on :2017-12-15
Fabrics for the sofa(China sofa supplier) is of great significance, a good fabric is not only the appearance of refined, rich grades, touch, sit feeling is excellent, as consumers need to have a basic understanding of fabrics, furniture easy to buy; and for furniture, Fabric knowledge is the most important, understand the fabric of the production process, with the characteristics of the fabric with the choice of how to maintain and so on will be everybody's essential knowledge! 
Light gray sofa in the living room is very wild, subdued colors make the space look bright and lively tone, and soft fabric texture is brought, such as embracing the warmth of the general comfort.
Bright yellow sofa for the fashion in the pursuit of lively atmosphere with the use of the living room, light gray walls to create a calm and modern space style, the emergence of a bright yellow sofa makes the atmosphere suddenly jump up. 

Light gray sofa(China modern sofa supplier), the shape is more square, extending out of the sofa base can be used for storage, the other side of the corner design to break the rigid shape, it is particularly Reiki. 

A gentle and simple sofa, so that the living room space instantly with a fresh atmosphere of Japanese style, the combination of wood and cloth, with the return to nature of the different kind of taste.
Simple stitching of the wooden sofa base, the bottom space can be used to store, super thick fabric sofa cushion, brought a very warm feeling of sitting. 

Light purple sofa exudes elegant and stylish charm, in the pursuit of modern modern living room space with each other seem to complement each other, and then extremely artistic hanging wall decorative background wall, home personality fully demonstrated(China Home appliance supplier).