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Look at other people's home staircase design, look at their own home, we are not the same!

  • Release on :2018-01-09
Interior designers, if the staircase designed to take into account both practical and aesthetic interior art, is not to make users feel practical at the same time feel the style? Here and Xiaobian look at these very "no Same "design of the stairs! 

Very strange this design, the owner's books down the stairs has been extended to the second floor, in addition to the combination of wood and stone is also known as the classic. Is this the rhythm of reading while walking?
Oh ~ After I have to slide downstairs ~ The perfect combination of stairs and slide design, I give full marks! 

Branches handrails, and immediately take you into the fairy tale world!

In addition to the elegant curves, this staircase is full of sculptural power.

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Lightweight and fried chicken modern design, as if only should exist in the outer buildings. However, stepping on this staircase heart is not practical it. . .

On both sides are "through" stairs, side drawer handles are also numbered.