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Mahogany furniture: Chinese carved round table

  • Release on :2017-11-29
Chinese carved round table nine sets is the use of traditional wood carving process, the painting will be re-created after the painting and light sandalwood carved three-dimensional furniture presented a new high-end mahogany furniture, the table both artistic value, investment value of the collection And practical value, can be widely used in viewing, practical assistance and so on. More information about Chinese carved round table, you can click here( Home improvement supplier china).

Round table contains the so-called "perfect" meaning, through the unique design of the circular, smooth lines of its smooth; ancient China has a round-the-world argument, so in daily life more than the choice of table or round table dining table, round Form able to gather popularity, family sitting together, it seems intimate, and, round table without corners, more secure, but also a symbol of complete harmony and solidarity. 

Chinese carved round table nine sets of table has a rich cultural connotation and high artistic value. It is not the simple copying of the graphic Chinese painting that the artist uses the knife as a pen to engrave the charm of the brushwork of Chinese painting. Instead, the artist, based on the profound understanding of the original work and respect for the traditional skill, re-creates an artistic process based on it, Far-sighted has its potential, nearly reward has its qualities, "the request, which requires not only the artist has superb carving skills, but also need the artist has a deep painting skills, cultural accomplishment and profound life perception, but also need to fully understand the engraving material With the control, in order to be the main body of art and wood texture, temperament completely grasp, so as to achieve perfection, won the world. 

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