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Millet into the furniture market?

  • Author:AUNG GROWN
  • Source:AUNG GROWN
  • Release on :2018-01-17
Mention millet, the first time we think of it may be its low-cost sales of mobile phones, and a huge fan base. Its price to attract many domestic consumers, but also to the mobile phone market dropped a blockbuster in just a few years will change the direction of the development of the domestic smart phone market.

This is one of the reasons why the public is so concerned about Xiaomi Furniture. Today, millet has formed a stable fan base, combined with its unique industrial chain, channel management advantages, etc., once the introduction of millet furniture, millet effect caused by incalibration.

In June last year, millet opened the furniture crowdfunding in Mi Jia APP - 8H independent pocket spring cloth sofa, respectively, 999 yuan, 1699 yuan and 1999 yuan three price, shelves a few minutes to raise 400,000 yuan.

Today, we visit the millet mall official website, in the surrounding life can see this cloth sofa, the lowest price of 1199 yuan, pull down to find Xiaomi mall sales of latex pillows, mattresses, the same hanging 8H prefix. In fact, in 2015, millet has launched a fun crowd sleeping sleep products. And 8H (fun sleep science and technology) is a main innovation of fabric technology and design of innovative software furniture brand. In other words, this is still not the public looking forward to the "millet furniture."

That millet is only for this brand to provide online sales channels?  
Xiaomi ecological chain is an eco-based intelligent hardware incubator. Millet ecological chain investment mainly in the following six directions: mobile phone peripherals, smart wearable devices, traditional white intelligent, geek cool play products, lifestyle, and now, millet ecological chain around the periphery of millet user groups Investment, the number of its business has been very large, many of which are regarded by the industry as Blue Ocean's "tuyere."

Similar to the concept of millet, most of the enterprises in these ecological chains take the route of science and technology and high cost performance, and millet is deeply involved in its R & D, channel construction and promotion. For example, focusing on scientific research, the company obtained 59 patents of 8H fun sleep technology, although only go online sales channels, its sales and reputation is still impressive, and then follow the fan spread effect, the formation of corporate survival is a cycle of business and millet eventually Achieve a two-way win-win situation.

Millet has always stressed that he is an Internet company, is also using its growth step by step to conquer those who have looked down upon millet. Millet's three types of five products (mobile phones, tablet PCs, boxes, routers), the router can be regarded as millet smart home layout hub. Obviously, millet has long fallen into the field of smart home pawn. Once the entrance to the smart home area is lifted, it can expand rapidly in the market like a snowball.

Giants end, always to induce market volatility. We expect the millet furniture, although it will not appear, but with this careful layout of the ecological chain is gradually close, millet will certainly bring a heavy hit to the industry.

Industrial destroyer of the earth network
For many people, millet is a complete industry sabotage, its success is always accompanied by industry was forced to shuffle, numerous companies sadly leave.

Starting from the mobile phone company, to the transitional Internet company, and now the integration of new retail, the future development of e-commerce, independent research and development and eco-chain layout, today's millet is no longer the mouth of the people, "low disrupt the market," Lengtouqing, All in just a few short years.

Is there such a potential "millet enterprise" in the furniture industry? A similar process has emerged in the custom-made industry. From the early single wardrobe, custom cabinets, to the explosive growth of custom-made industries throughout the house, its development is a rising curve.

People's expectations of the future are always based on past experience and are always off guard. In the past there are e-commerce, environmental protection, new retail, custom, the future may have intelligence, millet, and all we can not even imagine the opponent.

It is difficult for us to predict the future development of furniture industry, but the furniture industry has not yet reached the most intense reshuffle. At present, the pace of capital erode the market is still very slow, but behind it already weave a giant net, waiting for the upcoming big fish to eat fish game opening.