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Patient! 2017 these fascinating furniture phenomenon

  • Author:AUNG GROWN
  • Source:AUNG GROWN
  • Release on :2018-01-15
Looking back at 2017, which is a good summary to review, looking back at the furniture industry, we have seen a lot of hope, bright color and strength, and we have seen many heart-catching phenomena.

Well-known stores settled in the undocumented business volume rolls run
No one in the business sector registered the sale of the entire home stores, home stores openly settled well-known home building materials Plaza OUYAD Xudong shop, swept away six of customer payment of nearly 30 million customers with various excuses, until the withdrawal from OUYAD Cabinet is still late delivery. Consumers questioned the undocumented businesses actually entered the store, while the store insisted that consumers and specialty stores in private transactions, has nothing to do with it. In this "kick the ball" tug of war, the only bitter consumers. This is reported in the period after 12 Changjiang Daily starter, quickly caught the industry discussion, store-to-business regulatory chaos surfaced out of control, leaving huge consumer mystery: the future, who can guarantee brand stores to buy furniture, it must Is there protection?

Children's furniture unqualified product detection rate of 30%
August 1, 2012, "General Specifications for Children's Furniture" standard was officially implemented. The implementation of five years, the norms of the children's furniture market is still not satisfactory. In December 2017, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the results of the third batch of national supervision and inspection of the quality of children's furniture products in 2017. The results show that 15 batches of products do not meet the standards, the detection rate of substandard products is 30%, many of them well-known children's furniture brand. Unqualified children's furniture products related to the edge and the tip, holes and gaps, a push-pull cabinet stability test, formaldehyde emission products and warning signs project.

Dongguan or export furniture factory outage in Dongguan
December 28, 2017 Dongguan Taisheng Furniture Co., Ltd. announced that due to tighter environmental monitoring in recent years, sharp decline in orders, business decline, the company decided on February 1, 2018 formally discontinued. As one of the first Taiwanese-funded enterprises to enter DaLingshan, Dongguan after the opening of the mainland in the 1990s, the top-grade furniture in Taiwan at the heyday went out 100 containers in a day, out of 3,000 in a month and acquired the top 50 in the United States in 2001 Universal Furniture Company, in 2002 formally established the United States marketing center, fame. However, since 2003 the United States began the implementation of a series of Chinese furniture anti-dumping and other trade sanctions policy, the 2008 financial crisis, and since 2000 the rapid development of the domestic furniture industry, increased competition, rising costs and lower wind storm of environmental supervision, once the name Noisy rivers and lakes of established businesses have also suffered a "heroic twilight."

The latest news is: Taiwan export sales plant in Dongguan, will be quickly converted to domestic production plant. 

Chengdu furniture remote transfer controversy
December 5, Chengdu Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce Gu Hao East, to the Chamber of Commerce member of a sofa factory Zhang always sent an open letter: off-site construction, do not wrestle! Calling Chuanpai enterprises not to go to other provinces.

A letter aroused Melaleuca wave, causing furniture, a strong response. Many furniture people expressed their own views. The rebuttalists said that in the new era, they should take the initiative to seek new ways of seeking change so as to maintain the competitiveness of their enterprises.

The background of the incident is that Chengdu is known as "the third city of Chinese furniture," said furniture manufacturing industry in Chengdu is an important pillar industry, and Chengdu is currently positioned as a first-tier cities in central cities, industrial upgrading is imperative, furniture As a relatively backward traditional industry, the industry is not suitable for development in Chengdu. About 70% of the enterprises will be moved out. In addition, the furniture industry in Chengdu has exploded since the introduction of the "Action Plan for the Protection of the Blue Sky" in Sichuan Province. On the one hand because of environmental inspections and cautious, on the other hand in front of the new industrial park, I do not know that the soldiers should not move, or should be off-site construction.