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Pure solid wood door advantages and disadvantages

  • Release on :2018-02-06
First, the door is entirely made of solid wood processing. Its wood grain texture is clear, with a very strong sense of unity and three-dimensional, people look as comfortable. More popular material now Catalpa wood, ash, pine, beech and so on.
Second, the finished product Solid wood doors are not deformed, corrosion-resistant, seamless stitching and good thermal insulation characteristics, because the solid wood door is made of all solid wood processing, so it is high density, door thick weight , It is because of this So solid wood doors have good sound absorption, can effectively play the role of sound insulation.
Third, the selection of Shanghai pure solid wood doors are generally soft and warm colors, and the main component of wood is lignin, so the absorption of ultraviolet light is also very strong, the surface of the wood is slightly uneven formation of diffuse reflection of light, so Can effectively reduce the damage to the eyes, reduce eye fatigue. 
Fourth, the solid wood door inside and outside the material are the same. Given its natural, long-lasting art of human magic, reflects the distinguished, luxurious, classic artistic value, is the market belongs to the wooden stalls ** file products.
Pure solid wood door shortcomings:
Because it is all solid wood selection of some of the more precious, so the price of pure solid wood door is high. And some pure solid wood door easy to crack deformation and not easy to repair, which is caused by the characteristics of the wood itself.