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Some problems during the use of wooden doors.

  • Release on :2018-01-22
As we all know, wooden doors are widely used in our everyday home life because of their aesthetic appearance and environmental protection. However, many homeowners often neglect wooden doors when doing home maintenance. In fact, wooden door maintenance is very important. Today, we take Guanheng wooden door as an example to teach people how to maintain and maintain wooden doors in their daily life.
First of all have to prepare cotton, furniture cleaners, furniture maintenance wax and other tools. When painting the wall, use non-corrosive, melt-free waterproof material to cover the wooden door so as to prevent the paint from adhering to the surface of the product, causing peeling and fading and affecting the overall appearance.
Wooden doors must first be installed horizontally on the ground before installation (stacking height should not exceed 1 meter), do not lean, to avoid deformation. Try to avoid outdoor sun exposure for a long time to prevent the wooden door heated. Placed in the drying room, and to maintain indoor air circulation, to prevent damp doors. Prevent wood doors from being impacted or exposed to corrosive substances. Before installation, the door must be subjected to the necessary moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment.
When using wooden doors, do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf or avoid sharp objects bump and scratch. When opening or closing the door, do not use too much force or open the angle too large, so as to avoid damage. When servicing wooden doors with glass, be careful not to infiltrate cleaners or water into the glass bead gaps to prevent the bead from deforming. Do not wipe the glass too hard, so as to avoid glass damage and personal injury. After a glass break or bump, be sure to ask a professional maintenance staff to carry out maintenance.