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Some suggestions on home decoration.

  • Release on :2018-01-08
With the improvement of people's quality of life, people pay more and more attention to the enjoyment of personal life and want to make the home decoration beautiful and comfortable. The kitchen is a very important part of our life and accounts for a large part of the whole family. We deal with the kitchen almost daily. At present, with the development of economy, improvement of science and technology and improvement of people's living standards, kitchen equipment has also evolved with the changes of the times. More and more types of kitchen equipment, more and more comprehensive. Today we will briefly introduce some of the attention to the decoration of the kitchen(home renovation supplier).
1. Gas pipe to the kitchen gas water heater do not go out the tube, open a slot in the wall buried PVC tube, you do not have to punch the table. Kitchen off, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other electrical power switch to pre-designed. Kitchen tiles do not buy matt, or greasy hard to rub(Home improvement supplier).
2. Make the whole cabinet DX must pay attention to the level of the buckle board, otherwise the cabinets fitted out after the original dew; safety water pipe to a little upward, or leading supporting hose is too short, have to buy longer.

3. kitchen white man-made stone countertops simply for the same God for it, the usual operation of what oil or dirty water what, we must quickly wipe, or infiltration will always be in trouble !

4. kitchen lights to light, the best in the pool or cut the top of the case and then install a lamp, or my eyesight at night with the blind, the kitchen cabinets have drawers(build new house solution).
5. Decoration kitchen, only considered the width of the refrigerator, but forgot the thickness of the refrigerator, forget the bottom of the refrigerator there is a piece of metal, only the thickness of the above, the result was poor 5 cm, The place is not enough, the refrigerator to figure out a piece, but also at the near door, do not know whether to change a refrigerator. The original refrigerator is very expensive, not willing to stay for rent. Really annoying !!!

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