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Teach you how to buy a good couch

  • Release on :2017-12-11
The sofa is related to the value of the living room Yan, large sofas, of course, buy well before they can. So in the end what are the tips to buy a sofa(China sofa supplier)

Check fabric sofa's resilience

The resilience of the sofa, also related to the life of the sofa. Specific inspection method is to let the body free fall on the sofa, the body at least bounce cushion cushion more than 2 times, to illustrate the flexibility of the sofa is very good.

Check the sofa surface to see if there is a stimulus to the skin

Sofa surface, whether it has the phenomenon of stimulating the skin. The specific inspection method is to feel the surface of the sofa by hand and observe the color of the fabric of each part of the entire sofa is uniform, the seams are strong and smooth part of the workmanship is fine. 

Check the details of the sofa

This is actually very important, we must check very carefully! Specific inspection method is to open the zipper supporting the pillow, observe and touch the inside of the lining and padding; lift the sofa(China leather sofa supplier) to see whether the bottom of the deal with detail, whether the sofa legs Straight, smooth surface treatment, anti-skid mat at the bottom of the leg and other details. Good sofa in the details of some of the same quality to maintain exquisite. 

More information, you can click here(China modern sofa supplier).