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The advantages of quartz stone countertops

  • Release on :2017-12-27
In the home decoration(Home improvement supplier), the decoration of the kitchen has a very important position; and in the decoration of the kitchen, the choice of cabinets is the most important; further exploration is the cabinets(China kitchen cabinet factory) countertops. The countertops a wide range of cabinets, quartz, granite, marble, artificial stone, as well as stainless steel countertops. Today to introduce you to the most popular on the market, called "preferred" quartz stone countertops. 

Some materials, cabinet(China kitchen cabinet supplier) panels will be easily scratched, and quartz stone countertops will not do so, the vacuum compression quartz stone hardness of up to 7.5, we all know the highest hardness of 10, so quartz is generally not easy Scratched. Quartz stone panels of high melting point of raw materials, so quartz can be high temperature.

Quartz stone panel production has gone through a number of processes, has long been one of the harmful substances removed, can place the ingredients on top of the operation. Quartz stone color to mineral pigments, and marble, like granite, but also does not fade, does not change the color of the advantages. Some countertops will be broken, quartz will not, its high elasticity, will not be easily broken. Daily maintenance is also very simple, with a general cleaner can get it.