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Three mistakes in choosing wallpaper

  • Release on :2017-10-28
Wallpaper in our modern home decoration is very popular, and now we will use the wall decoration wallpaper. Now the wallpaper (China building materials supplier) on the market is more and more, consumers in the face of so many products in the market, it is often difficult to start shopping. So, do you know the five pitfalls of buying wallpaper?

First, look at the color without regard to color wallpaper (home renovation supplier) material on the market range, but also a lot of material, the paper base wallpaper PVC accounted for more than half, the cost of raw materials is relatively low, PVC wallpaper import price is very high, so don't be too polite Kanjia, this kind of wallpaper can be tore through (with two layer structure, obviously the surface is elastic) and burning (black smoke and pungent taste) methods such as simple identified.

Second, the size of the store and do not understand the degree of monopoly now we see is basically a wallpaper shop name (part of the store sales of one brand name, wallpaper wallpaper) genuine single brand stores are rare, so do not store large sample multi buy favorite wallpaper (price). Ask each of them a hand shop agent brand flagship or what brand, the price can be most real and reliable, the phenomenon of many of today's samples in each store sales increase is very common repeat repeat.

Third, there is a certain relationship between the price that will be all expensive price and materials of material grades, but the key is to see with the use of materials and the specific space environment, if the selection and combination of the material collocation is not well treated, even if the use of expensive imported materials, the effect will be poor.