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What are the major furniture exhibitions in the first half of 2018?

  • Release on :2018-01-25
The 39th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition
Time: March 16-20
Location: Houjie, Dongguan · Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
 From the 39th Exhibition, International Furniture Fair (Dongguan) Exhibition has entered the exhibition as the center, creating a new era of closed-loop industrial chain through the "Exhibition +" model.
 The first exhibition + independent big store brand block as a new model, a total of La Tuzi, Baker, Qu Mei, Gu Jia, Yang Mei, Hua Hui, the United States Di, Mei Ting, A total of 12,000 square meters, designed to allow many furniture brands began to penetrate the center of the world market, the brand and design have a vane.
The 41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair
The first issue: March 18-21
The second issue: March 28-31
Guangzhou Pazhou Complex & Poly World Trade Center (Phase I)
Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Hall (Phase II)
 Mar. 18-21, Mar. 28-31 The 41st China (Guangzhou) Home Fair focuses on the latest trends and hot spots in the four home-based industries of customization, intelligence, design and luxury. It optimizes the theme layout and precisely matches domestic and Two major international markets, both "delicious", but also "good-looking." Not only powerful trade, but also lead the industry trends, to create a global home furnishing industry fashion show, and strive for exhibitors and visitors to bring better, newer and more experience and value.
Shenzhen Fashion Design Week & 33rd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair
Time: March 19-22
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
In Shenzhen fashion home design week, Furniture Fair is not only a gathering of furniture category, but also a creative display on design and living, from life needs to cultural and creative display, March 19-22, 2018 Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to "design-oriented, continuous innovation, the trend of leading" concept for the urban trend of life design for the Chinese home dreams, with more original design brand-driven manufacturing in China.
The 17th China International Door Industry Exhibition & The 5th China International Integrated Custom Home Furnishings Exhibition
Time: March 21-24
Location: Beijing · China International Exhibition Center, a new museum
 In 2018, the 17th China International Door Industry Exhibition and the 5th China International Custom Home Furnishings Exhibition will enhance the integration of customized home furnishing. The exhibition area of ​​120,000 square meters will be divided into custom / smart home, wooden doors (windows) , Into the door / non-wood interior doors, home accessories, machinery and equipment five theme exhibition, will focus on custom upstream and downstream industry chain, and effectively promote the interaction between exhibitors and counterparts, improve trade and business efficiency, enhance corporate brand awareness and product features , Explore potential business opportunities.
Eighth China (Guangzhou) custom home / wardrobe exhibition
Time: March 28-30
Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center
Eighth Guangzhou custom home / wardrobe exhibition continued the "integration" and "innovation" two major features, in addition to visually shocking beauty of the unparalleled, but also for the custom home industry presents a unique charm of the original custom Home gluttonous feast.
The fifth Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (All-Chi)
 Time: April 2-4
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center
 In 2018, Shanghai International Smart Home Hardware Expo will further highlight the professional, authoritative and international features with the theme of "smart innovation and life change!", And take various forms such as exhibitions, forums and promotion meetings to promote industrial cooperation and development. Win-win situation. The exhibition will present the latest intelligent home and intelligent hardware solutions, the current hot smart robots, smart locks, smart clothes washing machines, smart lighting and other intelligent applications will be the focus of attention.
Northeast (Changchun) Fourteenth International Furniture Fair and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Time: April 8-10
Location: Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center
This exhibition has a total area of ​​80,000 square meters including modern furniture exhibition area, woodworking machinery and tools exhibition area, mahogany furniture and wood carving root art exhibition area, furniture accessories and raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area, brand decoration design company and home decorating company, decoration material and residential accessories ; All kinds of textile materials, furniture accessories, household items; household appliances, sports goods. It is estimated that tens of thousands of professional visitors and nearly 50,000 visitors will be attracted to the fair with a turnover of more than 100 million.
The 19th China (Shengfang) International Furniture Fair features
The same period held the 6th Shengfang International Furniture Materials Fair
Time: April 8-10
Location: Shengfang International Furniture Expo City
The Fourth Wuhan International Furniture Fair
Concurrently held: woodworking machinery and raw materials exhibitions, office furniture exhibitions, custom furniture exhibition
Time: April 12-14
Location: Wuhan International Expo Center
The 4th Wuhan International Fair, focusing on the home market in Central China and looking at the international import and export channels, will be re-consummated in terms of exhibitors' category, brand grade, service refinement and communication influence, and will be determined by "Creating the highest-level furniture fair in Central China" And tolerance to undertake the test of all parties.
Xuzhou furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition
Time: April 13-15
Location: Xuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
In 2018, Xuzhou Furniture Exhibition will rely on the advantages of the cluster manufactured by the furniture industry in Xuzhou, give full play to the location and transportation advantages of Xuzhou, promote the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry in Xuzhou, and strive to create the golden commerce and trade platform for the furniture industry in Huaihai Economic Zone.
Eighth China Zhengzhou International Furniture Fair
Time: May 5-7
Location: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
2018 Zhengzhou Furniture Fair to "world-renowned wood, all the Central Plains," as the theme, mainly to play solid wood furniture, invited well-known domestic exhibitors, efforts to create the largest Midwest Furniture Fair.
The fifteenth Qingdao International Furniture Fair
Held the sixth Qingdao Woodworking Machinery and raw materials exhibition
Time: May 25-28
Location: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center
All along, Qingdao Exhibition Furniture Fair and woodworking machinery and raw materials and raw materials show blends, the formation of the whole industry chain display for the most prominent exhibition positioning, solid wood furniture, software furniture, custom furniture, original design furniture, solid wood semi-finished furniture, Woodworking machinery, raw and auxiliary materials, design companies and other industrial chain upstream and downstream companies on the same stage show, 2018 will also create a heavyweight custom home and custom home two college.
The Fifth China International Solid Wood Furniture (Tianjin) Exhibition
 Time: May 28-31
Location: Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
2018 exhibition area will once again expand the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center Phase I and II will also gather hundreds of high-end furniture brands at home and abroad, the exhibition area will exceed 120,000 square meters, for furniture enterprises to build high-end trade platform. In order to encourage the original design of solid wood furniture, the exhibition will also dock with well-known furniture enterprises and designers all over the world to promote the solid wood furniture to board the international stage.
The 19th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition
Time: June 6-9
Western International Expo City (finished furniture, international pavilion, machinery and equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, home textile softcover, outdoor and office furniture, etc.)

Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center (custom home)
 2018 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair will continue to implement the "one city double show" mode, with a total exhibition area of ​​300,000 ㎡, through the first 18 sessions of development, Chengdu Furniture Fair has been upgraded to include finished furniture, custom home, home improvement soft furnishings , Home accessories, mahogany furniture, office and outdoor furniture, smart home, furniture production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials such as plate covering the whole industry chain "Pan-home exhibition."
2018 Beijing International Furniture Fair and China Life Festival
Time: June 14-17
Location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)
 BIFF 2018 will focus on the industry, for consumers to introduce more global top home brands, but also no shortage of domestic first-line brands and original furniture brand effort to join. BIFF will not only attract offline sales channels to visit, but also for enterprises to expand online sales platform, to seize the "new retail" new opportunities. The "Future of Home" Summit held in the same period brings together experts in artificial intelligence, industrial design, master of space design, successful entrepreneurs and pioneering entrepreneurs to complete a profound exchange and thinking in many fields including intelligence, technology and industrial upgrading and development collision.