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What is the emphasis on kitchen decoration?

  • Release on :2018-01-10
To qualified or wrong decoration, then it will give us a lot of inconvenience home life. In the renovation work, we understand what skills will give us a lot of convenience to decorate the kitchen it?
The current new home kitchen design tends to be reasonable, are basically dual water supply, and set aside microwave ovens, fans and other two to three sockets, so the water, the circuit changes. However, if the old house, usually a single water supply, so the decoration in the kitchen, it is best to add a hot water pipe.Need to be reminded that, subject to structural constraints, water changes can only be changed to water, can not change the water.

Many families in pursuit of fashion, the kitchen into an open-ended, until the use began to dumbfounded, because China's extra large cooking fumes, resulting in full house fumes, so that not only polluting the indoor air, and fumes will corrode household Electrical appliances. So you want to decorate the open kitchen owners must think clearly!

Due to the restriction of housing structure, gas and natural gas pipelines are generally not free to change. If you have to change, you must go through the property company's consent. Changes, due to strong professional, and to facilitate future maintenance, usually by the gas, natural gas companies or property companies designated professional company responsible for the construction.
Usually in the kitchen before the decoration, the first cabinet manufacturers to the kitchen to measure, in addition to the size, but also look at the original location of the various pipe is appropriate, if inappropriate changes, will be a copy of the drawings to the decoration company, from Construction team according to the drawings necessary transformation. It should be noted that, if the cabinet manufacturers do not have the amount of standards, or construction team did not strictly follow the size to do, there will be due to the size of the cabinet interface to the stubble on the situation, which is the owner before renovating issues that need attention.