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What minor details need to be paid attention to in the decoration of the house

  • Release on :2018-02-05
Home decoration is also a huge project for ordinary people. A variety of complex procedures make people listen to dazzling. In fact, the procedure is more complex. As long as we grasp the relationship between various processes, we can also deal with it easily.

Pay attention to the storage and storage of materials. Semi finished wood, wood flooring, or just painted furniture, do not rush to success. If you are exposed to the sun, you should pay attention to the place where it is ventilated and dry, and dry naturally. Otherwise, it will not only deform easily, but also affect the quality of construction.

Do not let the material damp note. In summer, the humidity of the air is large, and some materials which are easy to absorb moisture, such as board, board and plasterboard, are not handled properly in the process of transporting or storing, and are easily dampened. The plate will be affected with damp and mildew. Because of the large shrinkage coefficient of plates, wooden keels and wooden objects made of damp plates can be easily deformed and deformed after air drying and volatilization of materials, which will also affect other materials. For example, if the plate is used to make the gypsum board ceiling, because the shrinkage coefficient of the plate is larger than that of the gypsum board, the deformation of the keel will directly lead to the cracking of the gypsum ceiling, which will greatly affect the quality of the home decoration. In order to avoid the moisture of the material, the material should be put in the indoor ventilation and dry place, away from the window and the water source. If the ventilation environment in the home is good and there is a place where materials are placed, it can be bought early from the very easily dampened materials to be used. The material accumulated in the warehouse is generally tide, and it is ventilated and dry in the home, which can guarantee the quality of the material to a large extent.

Pay attention to the treatment of the veneer base. Paint is to paste ceramic tiles, floor tiles, before the treatment of the wall, can not make the bottom of the surface too dry. General processing methods is first poured in Sheung Shui, let it fully absorb moisture, and then cement mortar or plaster powder base, in order to ensure the firm paste.

Pay attention to the retractable room for the wooden floor. When the solid wood floor is paving, it is necessary to hold a good position and leave a certain expansion coefficient for the solid wood floor. Too large or too small the floor gap will affect the effect of the paving.

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