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Wooden door knowledge(part 1)

  • Release on :2017-12-25
What is the thickness of the wooden door?

The thickness of the wooden door(China wooden door supplier) is a direct factor affecting the quality of the wooden door, the standard thickness of the wooden door is 40mm. Good quality wooden door is generally between 40-45mm, too thin wooden doors are not soundproof easily damaged; too thick As the wooden door is relatively heavy, the hinge between the wooden door and the door cover will be more and more easily damaged. Wooden doors are generally 4-5 cm thick, the real good door thickness must reach 45 mm, in order to achieve perfect sound insulation 80 dB. 

What kind of wooden door(China wooden door factory)?

Take the indoor product category as an example:

1, according to the surface material points:

Mainly walnut, cherry, sand Libili, mahogany, maple, teak, ebony, pear, crape myrtle, zebra, oak, catalpa wood, ash, iron and other more than a dozen.

2, function points:

According to the use of points such as households door, bedroom door, study door, kitchen door, bath door; apartment hotel room door, bathing door, corridor door, office commercial door.

3, according to open the way points:

Sliding rail door: Horizontal sliding open, do not take up space. Mainly used for kitchen doors, bathroom doors, balcony doors.

Hinge door: turn to open, mainly for household doors, bedroom doors, office doors.

4, surface treatment can be divided into:

White stubble door: no paint, buy oil hand after going to find the manual brush on the paint, hand brush paint, bottom of the door of the quality.

Paint door: also known as finished door, the factory has been sprayed paint door, can be installed directly. 

More information about wooden door, please click here(China one stop building materials factory).