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Wooden door knowledge(part 2)

  • Release on :2017-12-26
5, in the form of door(China one stop building materials manufacturer):

Flat-faced door: The edge of the door is flat, the traditional door is all flat-faced door, due to the reason for the lock is open, the door and the door frame must have 3 mm gap.

T-type door: the introduction of new doors from Europe, the edge of the door is T-shaped mouth, the protruding part of the pressure in the door cover, and with a sealant, closed sound insulation effect, the overall appearance.

6, according to door type and craft points:

Full glass door, glass door, Plate door, core board door.

Plate-type door for the closed type, no transparent point of perspective, and more for the portal and bedroom doors, the door can be engraved grooves and convex lines, beautiful body generous, integrity is good.

Wooden door style(China wooden door factory):

European retro style, simple modern style, American style, Mediterranean style, Chinese style, French romantic style, Italian style. 

Wooden door Category:

1, composite door

Solid wood composite doors more than the door core of pine, fir or imported filler materials such as bonding. Outside the density board and solid wood Veneer, made by hot pressing, and sealed with solid wood lines. General advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Because of the small white density, light weight, and easier to control the water content, so the finished door weight are lighter, not easy to deformation, cracking. In addition, solid wood composite door also has thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the soundproof effect is the same with the solid wood door.

2, solid wood door

Solid wood door is made of natural wood from the forest door core, after drying, and then by cutting, planing, mortising, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes from science and processing.

3, all doors

The whole wood door(China furniture manufacturer) is made of natural wood as door core, and the balance layer is made of plywood instead of MDF. With the natural characteristics and environmental protection of the logs, the craft solves the instability of the logs and makes the products more diversified and delicate.