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Wooden door moisture-proof should be treated like this

  • Release on :2017-11-09
More and more consumers in the home decoration, will choose wooden doors as indoor doors, because the wooden door not only looks atmospheric environmental protection, but also more durable. But durable goods, but also careful maintenance can be used for a long time. For example in the rainy and humid weather, if not a good moisture-proof measure, home door will be affected, and there will be cracks in a certain extent, paint and other issues, which not only affects the appearance will reduce the service life of the door (China building materials factory). Then, when the weather is wet, how to do the doors of the moistureproof work? Today, the ten major domestic brand doors to tell you about the splendor in several ways in daily life can do. 

1. Keep the room dry
In the sunny days, often ventilated windows, rainy days to south windows closed, reduce water vapor into the room. Air fans, fans, moisture absorbent and activated carbon can be used for dehumidification, so as not to use humidifier indoors. Otherwise, indoor moisture is heavy and wooden furniture is easy to be moldy. 

2. The spacing between the door leaf and the ground
From the door (Home improvement supplier) to sew a little bigger, especially the toilet ground high one centimeter, the lower tile 5MM gap from door, don't like bath water in the doors of the landlord. The ground should be cleaned in time, the water splashed on the door and dried with a dry cloth immediately. 

3, door frame wall waterproof measures
In the door (China wooden door manufacturer) frame wall contact with the ground to do a good job of waterproof (good sealant, glass glue, and so on). The door of the upper and lower ends are closed doors painted, coated on the bottom waterproof wax do double insurance.