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Bathroom cabinet material is about the overall quality

  • Release on :2017-10-18
Bathroom is a relatively poor family environment, not only the use of frequent, but also because of the bathroom water vapor, heavy moisture, for the bathroom cabinet (bathroom design company china) is a test, so in order to facilitate the use and use of long, in the purchase time to pay attention to material Waterproof moisture, and resistance to high temperature, etc., to ensure that the bathroom cabinet can be used for a long time in the bathroom.

For the bathroom cabinet (Home improvement supplier), the material there are many kinds, especially the modern production process more and more developed in the market of the bathroom cabinet at least dozens of materials, how to choose? We collection of several common material bathroom Cabinet of different purchase methods.

1, pvc material of the bathroom cabinet
PVC bathroom cabinet (China bathroom manufacturer) with excellent moisture and moisture, high temperature, anti-scratch function, it has moisture-proof waterproof performance, but anti-corrosion ability is not high.
2, solid wood of the bathroom cabinet

Solid wood furniture cabinet, the use of solid wood materials on the bathroom cabinet is rare, mostly using solid wood or wood fiber as the substrate, the use of solid wood veneer as a whole paste, and the surface brush with waterproof paint, processed The bathroom cabinet.

3, stainless steel bathroom cabinet
Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of stainless steel several times, this bathroom cabinet has excellent waterproof, moisture, corrosion resistance, in the bathroom of this large water vapor environment can be used for a long time, and with the modern production The continuous development of the process, stainless steel bathroom cabinet style is also more and more innovative.